Have you ever dreamed about diving after one of those fabulous diving documentaries which you saw on television? Now the opportunity is there to let a dream come true when you choose one of these programs.

Pool Introduction.
Here you will get your first experience with breathing underwater. This program contents a brief theoretical part and a pool dive under guidance of a instructor. This can be the first step of your diving career. You will get a nice memory diploma.
Minimum age: 10
Maximum: 80+

Pool and open water introduction
This is your first real experience with diving. After the academic and pool intro you will go in the ocean to get an unforgettable feeling. Flying thru the water you can admire the beauty of the interesting underwater world. You will get the kick of diving. You feel the excitement, peace en freedom only a diver knows. Of course this program will be monitored by an instructor. You can experience if diving is something for you and you can continue with a course because you already did parts of a scuba diver or open water course. The amount of the pool and open water intro will be deducted of the course fee.
You will also get a memory diploma.
Minimum age: 12

This the first course with a license. It is international recognized. This course is specially developed for people who don’t have to much time but they want to make a start. You can continue your course every where in the world. This license is valid for a year and it only takes two days to upgrade to open water diver. In this year you can already dive anywhere and get some experience until 12 meters under guidance of a professional. The course includes 3 academic and pool modules and two open water dives.


This diving license gives you the opportunity to dive safely on your own with a certified buddy anywhere in the world. You can rent your equipment when you show your license. You are certified to dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters. The course lasts for 4 days which includes 5 academic modules, 5 pool sessions and 4 open water dives where you learn all the skills to be a safe diver and have the most fun in your future dives. This is all done in a relaxed atmosphere.
Minimum age: 12

Here you will learn different experiences which can occur in diving and can be very practical such as navigation. You will get more possibilities to explore the underwater world. Now you can dive to the maximum depth for sport diving of 40 meters so you can visit interesting places below 18 meters. This is a very practical course where in you make 5 different advanced dives.
Minimum age: 12
Minimum PADI open water diver or equivalent.

This is a short version of the advanced course and as well as the scuba diver course developed for people with not to much time. In this course you will get 3 advanced dives, for example navigation and a deep dive. This will give you a license. There is also the possibility to do only one or two advanced dives where you get a referral form to continue your course at home or somewhere else. If you have 5 advanced dives you will get he advanced open water licence which follows on this adventure diver license.
Minimum age: 12
Minimum PADI open water or equivalent.

In this course you will learn how to help yourself and assist other divers. You will be a better dive buddy with more self confidence. You learn more about the physical, psychological and equipment part of diving. This course is very educational and also a lot of fun. This course includes academics and 5 dives.
Minimum age: 12

This course means that you learn how to treat an injured person. We go in a variety of causes. The things you learn can be very helpful as well in diving or daily live.
We go in to C.P.R. and mouth to mouth breathing.
This course or equivalent is necessary for the rescue diver course.

This is your first step to be a PADI professional. You can monitor dives and assist an instructor with courses. You can give other divers your enthusiasm. We go deeper in to the diving theory which is very interesting and you will learn how to teach others how to dive safely. You can have a job anywhere in the world as a dive master. The world is at you feet.
Minimum age 18

In many countries it is mandatory to have an official medical statement which will tell that you are fit for diving, Portugal is one of them. This is logical and wise, of course. You can get one from your local doctor or here in Portugal. The medical statement can't be older then 1 year.
The cost for a medical statement here in Portugal is 30 Euro.