Scuba Diving in the Rich Waters of the Algarve with Scuba Tour
SCUBATOUR is an experienced and personal dive centre in the Algarve. We like to keep the diving in a relaxed atmosphere. We give our courses in small groups so you will have a lot of personal attention which is good for the quality. Our courses are of course under safe circumstances, which is our priority.

Stephan, the PADI instructor has over 20 years of diving experience all over the world. We try to pass our enthusiasm and knowledge to all our students creating an environment that is relaxed, fun, adventurous and educational.

Scuba Tour can offer you a spread out course. When you want to dive only in the morning and spend the afternoon with the family or vice versa for the late sleepers. A lot of varieties on time are possible, depending on the individual. Also you don’t have to be a super sport, to dive, reasonable fitness is enough.

On diving with us, you will notice there is a new world opening up for you and you will look at the water with a deeper sense of curiosity from then on. Diving is practised by a large variety of people which you don’t see that often in other sports. You will meet nice people with the same interest as you and there is a connection right away.
Diving is fun !!!!
Stephan Kober

We are situated at the most southern province of Portugal; The Algarve. This is one of the sunniest places of Europe. The coast is very suitable for diving with a large variety of flora and fauna on the rocky reefs. We normally dive between Armacaõ de Pera and Lagos. Where we know where the best reefs are!

Our dive centre is located in the holiday park Vila Senhora Da Rocha which is 3 km outside of the lively tourist town Armacao de Pera where there is a lot to enjoy.
The dive centre / holiday park is situated right on the cliffs, so very near the beach and sheltered with beautiful cliffs. If you want to stay in this holiday park you can click here.

We have the availability of a nice 25 meter swimming pool and in the winter a heated indoor pool where we can do the beginners training dives. To the side of the swimming pool there is a bar and sun terrace where beverages are available and can be enjoyed by onlookers and supporters. With a fence surrounding the pool, it is very safe for children.

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about scuba diving
about scuba diving
about scuba diving
Scubatour Holiday Park, Vila Senhora da Rocha, Near: Armacao de Pera, Algarve
Tel: (+351) 937 500 177 email.